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Choosing to buy cosmetics. 

Choosing to buy cosmetics Distributors with reliable sources. It is another thing that should not be overlooked. You should purchase products that clearly have the name and location of the manufacturer or importer on the label. Because if the cosmetics you purchase have problems or are not

Safety of using honey.

Experimenting with eating or applying honey to the skin expecting benefits in curing which disease? However, it should be safe to use. Both for adults and children aged 1 year and up. But don’t forget to consider safety when using it in the following cases.

Safety and proper amount of cucumbers consumption.

Cucumbers are actually a type of fruit. which some people may mistake for vegetables. More than 95% of the main component of cucumber is water. While the rest is natural fiber, minerals, vitamins, and various compounds. Therefore, it is believed that consuming cucumber may provide nutritional