Ex-Chelsea star denies Manchester United equalizer

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Ex-Chelsea star denies Manchester United equalizer.

Former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech express his disapproval of Manchester United ‘s equalizer in their Premier League win over Manchester City. The first of this weekend

United, who are in continuous good form, open at Old Trafford to welcome the visit of the Blues. Who recently lost to Southampton in the Carabao Cup. In which the first game was Pep Guardiola’s team, which managed to win 6-3.

Although City took the lead in the 60th minute through Jack Grealish, the hosts equalized through Bruno Fernandes in the 78th minute. Before Marcus Rashford came on. Score the winning goal 4 minutes later for Man United to turn around and win at the end with a score of 2-1.

However, after the game there was some controversy over Bruno’s equalizing goal. That appeared to have been offside, but the referee and VAR did not object. This is highly criticized, including Peter Check. Who watched this game, even tweeted a message on his personal Twitter saying

“The first goal [for Manchester United] proves that the people. Who creat this rule have no understanding of the game,” said the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper.

For the Red Devils’ 3 points in this game. They have risen to third place with 38 points from 18 games play, just one point behind Manchester City. Who are currently in second place.