Man Utd 2-1 Manchester City: Post-match issues Manchester derby

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Man Utd 2-1 Manchester City: Post-match issues Manchester derby.

Red Devils

This game said a true tactical fight. Especially the home side that has a great plan, allowing Manchester City to have possession of the ball only in their own territory. and set up a squeezing zone from the center of the field, the kind that marks a “man-to-man” Get in pairs until the visiting team can barely turn the ball around. Ready to wait for mistakes in playing the counter game. In which the first half must said to be quite good, but still not over. Until the second half, Pep solved the game well, attacked so hard that Man United could not set up the game. And replacing Grealish came down to make a clear difference, ready to shoot up to lead the team successfully. After that, it was the host who had no choice but to try to set up an attack game.

Which was better than expected because each entry was quite watery. Until the was successfully broken by Bruno. When the score was equal, City tried to speed up the game hoping to get the winning goal, but then returned to the Red Devils. Who wait for the sailboat to open the back area before they managed to use the opportunity that Kai Elle Walker fell out of position to drill on the left until it was the goal to overtake the lead, taking only 10 minutes to finally win 3 points at home beautifully.

Advanced, not advanced?

The problematic moment in this game. That still raises a question mark for many people. Especially the Blue Sailboat fans, is the equalizer goal of Man United. Which Casemiro has opened long for Rashford, who is offside, running to support the ball. But without touching until the ball arrived, Bruno fired in. At first referee Stuart Attwell blew it for offside. But after consulting with assistants and the VAR team, it was finally decided to give the goal to the hosts. 

Which the standards for deciding an offside ball. Even if it does not touch the ball. But if it deliberately plays the ball or interferes with the defense at that moment, will consider offside. But the referee will probably see. That Rashford has nothing to do with the direction of the ball or have any effect on City’s defense. Which is still unable to reach the ball. But anyway, it’s all about perspective and discretion.

Close De Bruyne alone

In this game, Ten Hag looked to be missing, sending Fred, a diligent midfielder onto the field. Joining Manchester City’s talented playmaker Kevin De Bruyne, until there was almost no space to play. That became an important point. Because shutting down De Bruyne was basically shutting down City’s attack, meaning the ball was less likely to reach a dangerous Erling Haaland. And it really is like that because other attackers. Today, Phil Foden, Riyad Mahrez, Bernardo Silva unable to create a good attacking game for the team. In the end, it was De Bruyne who was the one. Who pull away from Fred.