Brighton 3-0 Liverpool: Reds Premier League defeat

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Brighton 3-0 Liverpool: Reds Premier League defeat recap on Saturday night

1. End of Magic, Gegen Pressing

The intense, space-chasing style of play. That was Jurgen Klopp’s signature and has guide Liverpool to success so far has vanished completely in this game. It was Brighton. even using such a strategy to attack the Reds until they could not raise their heads

After the game, the German boss gave an interview openly. Admitting that he had never seen a game. That Red Machine played poorly this size before.

2. Boredom in the middle of the field

Liverpool’s midfield presence in the starting line-up made their game look visibly worse, with 32-year-old Jordan Henderson unable to keep up with the movement of the local players. Ago Alcantara (31 years) is not the kind of midfielder. Who chases rivals and Fabinho (29 years) alone cannot stop his rise to the Seagull squad. Naby Keita

(27 years) With Harvey Elliott (19) as a substitute. He showed some positive signs. When he came on in the second half. But it wasn’t enough to change the momentum of the game in any way.

3. Credit de Zerbie

In the defeat of Liverpool, it became Brighton under the supervision of Roberto De Serbi. Who clearly declared his power. The football of the Italian coach is fluid, full of understanding of the players’ game. moving in perfect harmony And did not wake up when setting the game in front of their own goal

Brighton’s victory in this game also made them move up the rankings on the points table, overtaking the Reds (9), moving up to 7th place.