City council approves ‘Liverpool’ opening new stand for Red battle

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The cheers are set to be loud as the city council gives Liverpool the green light to open Anfield’s new upper-level stand for the Reds’ game against Manchester United this week. Where the capacity will increase to 57,000

. Jerseyside gets the green light from Liverpool City Council To open the upper level stands on the Anfield side Road for the red hot game After holding a test event on Monday night,

approximately 7,000 fans attended the test event. This needs to be organized to ensure that safety standards are met. ufabet

The opening of that section of the stand brings Anfield’s stadium capacity to over 57,000. This weekend’s game for the Reds will be the game with the most fans attending their home stadium in 50 years, when Bill

Cher Nkley was still in charge of the Reds and had 56,202 fans attend a game against Leicester City in 1973, when they were still in Division One.

The stadium expansion project was originally expected to be completed. At the start of the season. But it was affect. By the contractor being taken over in early September. And Liverpool had to find a new contractor to complete the construction.

However, the addition of the stands must continue until everything is complete. And by that time, Anfield will have a capacity of 61,000.